Our vision is simple: Solar energy is the wave of the future!



Hi my name is Shayne Kimball, and I started Solar Surfers, LLC after getting my initial NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Electrical Practitioners) certification back in 2009. Since then I've become a General Contractor (for both Oregon and Idaho), maintain a pump installation certification and am an LRT (Limited Renewable Energy Technician) apprentice under SouthFork Electric in Lostine, Oregon.


Solar Surfers originally starting in Nyssa, the sunniest spot in the state, and then eventually settling here in the scenic area of Wallowa County.


From off-grid remote cabins to grid-tie residential systems, we've done a lot over the years.  We've also remained dedicated to making sure that solar becomes the norm. We can't afford not to use renewable energy. We must continue to advance this industry, so that eventually we can all realize true energy independence. It's better for the environment, creates jobs, and makes our communities more self-sustainable.


You can be assured that you will be getting the best service when it comes to solar installation.  We have many years of experience installing solar, 100% satisfaction from all of our customers, and a vast knowledge base specific to solar.  Our team of skilled and experienced professionals will give you the confidence you need to make your next install a Solar Surfer install!